A Midtown institution in Houston, Texas since 2002.

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Looking For A Sushi Restaurant Near You?

Are you frustrated with countless searches for “sushi restaurant near me “ or “sushi near me now” on Google? Are you struggling to find a sushi restaurant option that you can count on whenever you crave sushi? The Fish Houston is the ultimate solution. 

Houston is a mecca for many sushi and fish restaurants because of its proximity to Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The water is so close, and fresh fish is in abundance. It’s served fresh daily at The Fish Houston, which gives our seafood restaurant the advantage of a vibrant menu of the highest quality. 

Our excellent and tasty sushi menu and drink selections are particularly suited for quick work lunches, simple dinners, and effortless catering occasions. If you live in the area, you should put The Fish Houston at the top of your “sushi restaurant near me” searches. Hop on over to our 309 Gray Street location for guaranteed satisfaction.

Try our Sushi Rolls and Sushi Rolls Trays, Salads, Sashimi, Seafood Tray, Hour D’oeuvres, and Specialty Trays—all fantastic selections on the menu. We also feature meatier choices, like Akauishi and Kobe Beef, Pork Katsu, and Grilled Skewers. 

Affordable happy hour selections are available if the main meal isn’t on the cards for you. We are Houston’s first Izakaya-style restaurant, serving shared platters and sampling menus for all members of your party to dine in style. 

Sushi Midtown Houston

If you live near Midtown Houston, you’re not limited in the excellent offerings available to you. But you must try out The Fish Houston! The menu is delectable yet affordable, a factor that will keep you returning week after week. Try our lunch, dinner, and catering menus featuring a variety of American and Japanese fusion classics to fascinate and delight your taste buds.

We are the answer to your countless “restaurant near me” or “sushi near me” searches because we consistently offer the highest food quality, customer-centric service, and competitive prices. Visit our restaurant at 309 Gray Street, where we have perfected the art of Japanese casual dining. 

Dine on the freshest, most delicious sushi and seafood items at our breezy and well-appointed The Fish Houston, savoring the moment. Our accessible restaurant location features a massive sushi bar, as well as a few addictive Japanese and American classics, including Gyoza, Tempura, Macaroni Gratin, Truffle Fries, Pork Katsu, Beef Teriyaki, and more. What could be better than our exclusive drinks selections to accompany all these delicious offerings for excellent value for money?

We heartily recommend you try out our Truffle Fries, Chicken Karaage, Jalapeno Scallops, and Dynamite Shrimp for appetizers. Also, sample our BBQ Shortribs, Combination Yakitori, Kobe, and Akauishi Beef offerings, as well as the crispiest Tempura!

At The Fish Houston, our inspiration is ignited by showing our passion for Asian food. Sample our impressive yet straightforward menu that features beef, pork, shellfish, and fresh fish selections. Enjoy a wide variety of quality drinks, both local and Japanese, notably, sake, fine wines, specialty cocktails, and imported and domestic beers.  

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